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Customer 360

with Salesforce

With our deep expertise in delivering solutions built on Salesforce products and our varied experience across industries, as a trusted Salesforce partner, we're perfectly positioned to help you implement end-to-end Salesforce transformations.

Customer 360

with Salesforce

With our deep expertise in delivering solutions built on Salesforce products and our varied experience across industries, as a trusted Salesforce partner, we're perfectly positioned to help you implement end-to-end Salesforce transformations.
Enterprise or Customer 360

From robust Enterprise CRM to purpose-built apps



Lead to Opportunity

Enhance lead generation through precision targeting of prospects across inbound and outbound marketing channels. Understand your customer through intelligent insights across the journey and deliver highly customized experiences across channels through a unified customer engagement platform.

Cohesive Cloud Integration

Holistic implementations spanning multiple clouds.

As a Salesforce Consulting and ISV partner, we're well-versed in implementing all Salesforce products. Our implementations have spanned multiple clouds, providing a 360° view of the customer. Salesforce becomes the front-end application for the users with seamless integration to internal and external systems. We modernize and reengineer processes to simplify the application landscape through retirement of legacy and bespoke systems.

Sales Cloud

Get help managing a complex sales process through a simpler product catalog, increased visibility, and easier quoting and order management. Reach larger demographics, deliver more targeted sales journeys and buying experiences to your customers and equip your sales teams to improve conversion rates and close deals faster.

To learn more about our Sales Cloud Accelerator, get in touch.

Service Cloud

Reach customers instantly on whichever channel they prefer, provide support and answer queries with greater speed and accuracy through unified access to customer data for agents and self-service for customers in portals and communities, increase agent productivity and improve quality of customer care through insights and prediction.

To learn more about our Service Cloud Accelerator, get in touch.

Commerce Cloud

Increase efficiency and convert browsers to buyers with custom built functionalities, optimized daily commerce functions, access to 360˚ customer data, assistance and guidance through Communities, AI-powered personalization, and multi-device support on a Salesforce platform that combines CRM, commerce and customer platforms to create a truly powerful solution for commerce needs that handles multicurrency payments and your taxation needs with ease.

To learn more about our Commerce Cloud Accelerator, get in touch.

Financial Services Cloud

With an integrated platform that delivers keen client insights, advanced engaged tools and a 360° view of existing opportunities and managed and held away assets, focus less on admin tasks and more on client relationships. Manage regulatory compliance requirements effortlessly.

To learn more about our Financial Services Cloud Accelerator, get in touch.

Our Salesforce Products

Expertly crafted products to expedite implementations.

Our years of experience with businesses across various industries have led us to develop specific products to cater to your Salesforce needs. With the ultimate goals of efficiency, expediency, and relevance, we've created products that can greatly ease transitions and complex implementations, transforming your business.

Automated Lightning Migration Solution

We speed up your migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, with huge savings on time (60%) and money (70%).

Learn more
Our platform for managed and flexible spaces

Drive sales and business efficiency through next-gen real estate and property management CRM.

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Single touchpoint for all your travel customers

End-to-end customer and enterprise-facing services with an integrated process for disruption management.

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Salesforce Toolkit

Leverage expert Salesforce products with precision.

With our understanding of industry and a laser focus on your specific business needs, we leverage the best that Salesforce has to offer to transform your business into the best version of itself.


Use data to uncover deep insights and build great experiences for your customers, make astute and incisive predictions about business outcomes, and suggest the right next steps to your employees and customers.


Build rock-solid customer relationships while prioritizing security and compliance. Create memorable, personalized customer experiences and automatically sync data between your custom apps and Salesforce.


Integrate any system onto a unified platform, whether Salesforce or not. Be flexible and agile with API-led connectivity and reusable integration assets. Enable partners, customers, and developers to access core capabilities.

January 28, 2021

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Salesforce Classic to Lightning is just a click away

Use the right tool to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning and leverage all the benefits the Lightning platform has to offer, including productivity gains of nearly 41%.
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The ART of the POSSIBLE with Salesforce Part-II

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January 12, 2017

The ART of the POSSIBLE with Salesforce Part-I

“ has come of age.” No matter what statistic you look at, this statement remains true. There are almost 2 billion transactions conducted daily on the platform and the ecosystem boasts over 1.6 million developers.
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